The conferences' venue is the Center of Mediterranean Architecture and the Mikis Theodorakis Theater Hall, two adjacent, iconic and historical monuments, located in the heart of the old harbor of Chania.

The Center of Mediterranean Architecture, also known as "Grand Arsenal” (Great Arsenal), is the last of a series of 17 arsenals located in the old harbor of Chania. Its construction started in 1585, followed by the addition of the second floor, in 1872. It had been used as the school of the Christian community in the late 19th century and hosted numerous theater performances (1892), the public hospital (1923) and the Chania Town Hall (1928 – 1941). In 2002, it has been transformed into an impressive venue for events, conferences and exhibitions. Undoubtably, the contemporary architectural features of this building will provide an inspiring backdrop to the conference.

The stone building Mikis Theodorakis Theater Hall, named after the great Cretan composer Mikis Theodorakis, was built in 1912 during the presidency of El. Venizelos, and originally housed the Customs House in the Venetian harbour of Chania. For that reason, the building was widely known as the “Old Customs House”. Recently, it has been renovated and is currently operating as a cultural and convention center.